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Having a strong sales team is fundamental to any business and at Dale Carnegie we have been helping organisations increase sales for over 100 years.  Whether you want to improve the sales ability of individuals, increase the capability of your sales team as a whole or completely transform your sales process we are here to help you. 

Strengthening your sales process

Selling without a process is like fishing with a rod and reel instead of a net; you will catch some, but it takes more work and time.  Having and using a proven process delivers consistent results by building relationships and helping buyers become more successful.  A consultative selling approach creates win-win outcomes for salespeople, buyers, and their respective organisations.
The sales process starts by building a rapport, then continues by establishing credibility, uncovering customer needs, and solving problems from a buyer's point of view. At each step of the process, you must communicate your ability to bring value to buyers. Sales people also need to create value for themselves, as business professionals. This includes managing time effectively, focusing on priorities, and creating a compelling personal vision.

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